The Wine Experience - meaning Convert and Herb Hiking

Date: 05th June 2016

Nature - a sensitive organism which presents us with infinite wealth. We have generally forgotten how to perceive with our senses all the divine things that surround us.

This walk in the Rhine-Hessian Toscana is a fireworks display for the senses. Starting with the feet, we sense with our barefoot the feel of different materials. The hands that feel soft petals, the nose smelling the wonderful scents, eyes experience the fireworks of nature, the palate may taste the delicious Rhine-Hessian wines and tapas. The Spirit - This is inspired by a new consciousness animated by nature.

A sensitive wine experience in Rhinehessen, with a recollection of nature! It gives you pure joy andbuoyancy.


• Guided tour in the Rhine-Hessian Toscana
• Touch, smell, taste - a firework of the senses
• Tasting of 6 wines
• Rhine-Hessian Tapas
• Table water

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: 39,– €

Number of participants: 15 persons up

Upon request we can organize the appropriate accommodation for the night.